The Journey of Care: A definition of terms…

At The LIV Foundation we refer to “The Journey of Care” as the period of time following a child’s diagnosis that alters their life and that of their family. Each family that begins this journey has a unique experience but all are met with significant challenges.

The Journey of Care is, in most cases a treacherous one (see our first ever blog post The Quiet Warrior Next Door for more details if interested). The destination is often unknown; there are often no maps and no GPS. Families never volunteer for the trip and begin the journey with little to no training. The cost of the trip and duration are unknown. Most families need to keep working and continue to tend to the mundane details of life while on the journey. Some families have large groups of friends and extended family that take much of the journey with them while others experience a more solitary experience on the journey.

The journey ends for some with the relief and joy associated with a remission or cure. For others, the journey ends with terrible tragedy and sadness. For some, the journey does not end before their own life’s journey on his earth is through.

All on the journey are remarkably resourceful and all long for a time when their child is healthy, happy and at peace. All on the journey deserve respect.



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